Vibration Mounts Load Deflection Test Video

Silicone and Milti Axial Shear Mounts
Silicone Gel Mounts
Light-Weight Compression Loads

We used a conical-shaped Silicone Gel Mount to demonstrate our capabilities of testing low frequency vibrations. These mounts contain a super soft Alpha Silicone Gel which is great at damping vibrations in applications like video cameras attached to flying drones and quadrocopters, electronics and medical equipment.

Multi-Axial Rubber Mounts
Light to Heavy-Weight Compression Loads

We used a V-Style Multi-Axial Mount to demonstrate our heavy-weight testing capabilities. Our Mulit-Axial Mounts come in different sizes making them capable of handling light to heavy-weight compression loads. Their unique M and V-Style multi-axis shape makes them suitable to dampen vibrations in X, Y and Z directions.

Vibration Mounts Load Deflection Test Video

AAC not only provides superior isolators to solve your shock vibration and noise problems we also provide Load Deflection Testing to confirm that parts are within specification.

In this video we show you our full range of capabilities by test a light load Silicone Gel Mount and a heavy duty V-Style Base Mount. The test provides us with the exact deflection and spring rate at a specific load and we can calculate the natural frequency of the mounts.

By performing tests like this one, we at AAC make sure our parts meet the high standards that our customers expect. For more information about the products featured in this video follow the bottom links.