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Anti Vibration Mounts for Architecture


AAC solves ground borne vibration and structure borne noise & vibration in commercial buildings. Ground borne vibration is generated by railways, road vehicles, and construction equipment which can be transmitted through the ground into a nearby building structure. Structure borne noise and vibration are fundamental problems confronting occupants, engineers, contractors, facilities managers and building owners. These are caused by fans, HVAC equipment, elevators, plumbing equipment, and machinery. Our seismic mounts restrain the motion of air conditioner units, chillers and other devices from wind shear and earthquakes.
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This is only a selection guide tool showing isolators used in similar applications. It does not replace a careful and thorough analysis of each individual case. For information on how to select a mount, view our techincal section pdf or call our Engineering Department for technical support 516-328-3662.