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AAC to Be Featured on 21st Century Business Television Series - August 31st, 2013 on FOX Business Network (FBN)

Boca Raton, FL (TBD) - Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that Advanced Antivibration Components will be featured on 21st Century Business.

Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) is a global supplier of vibration and shock protection solutions to Medical, Electronics, HVAC, Industrial, Construction, Agricultural, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Defense, Transportation and Packaging Industries.

As electronics continue to evolve, thermal management has become a major challenge in portable devices such as notebook computers, tablets, cellular phones, and cameras, which are constrained by size and energy consumption. To address this issue, AAC introduces its Silicone Thermal Gel Products for heat dissipation. With over 8000 products in its portfolio, we provide free catalogs and 3-D CAD model files, online eStore with pricing and availability, custom designs and engineering support. We carry the largest selection of cylindrical mounts, base mounts, suspension mounts, bushings, springs, pads and bumpers, in a wide range of materials such as stainless steel mesh and springs, silicone gel, neoprene, rubber and Sorbothane®. Many are suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming at Multi Media Productions, added, "As an innovator and a leader in the industry, Advanced Antivibration Components is a natural fit for our show. We are excited to have them as a guest on our program."

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