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HVAC Hangers
Suspension Hangers
For suspending equipment from ceilings

• Fans
• Air Conditioners
• Distribution Pipes
• Ducts
Suspension Hangers can reduce structure-borne noise and vibration in HVAC applications. Available in Spring Hanger and Rubber Hanger, these are best suitable to suspend equipment such as fans, air conditioners, distribution pipes and ducts. The rectangular housing with large diameter hole in the base allows angular hanger misalignment. There is a rubber cap in the bottom of the bracket to prevent metal to metal contact. These can handle loads up to 705 lb with 0.58" deflection.
Spring Mounts
Base Spring Mounts
Reduce vibration in fans, air handling units & generators

• Fans
• Air Handling Units
• Pumps
• Generators
Our Base Spring Mounts provide vertical and horizontal deflection up to 1 inch. They are available with three mounting options, no bases, lower base attached and upper and lower bases attached. These isolators consist of coil spring coated with blue epoxy and carbon steel bases. The foam rubber pad and polyethylene protective core minimizes noise. These are suitable to reduce vibration in fans, air handling units, pumps, and generators.
Air Springs
Air Springs
Feature variable load-carrying capacity

• Air Compressors
• Water Pumps
Air Springs are excellent for noise and vibration isolation with low natural frequency. The main advantages of air springs over coil springs are variable load-carrying capacity and adjustable spring rate as a function of air pressure without changing the overall height of part. They have a wide range of applications including air compressors, water pumps and many more.
Seismic Mounts
Seismic Mounts
Support structures during earthquakes and strong winds

• Cooling Towers
• Chilling Units
• Buildings
• Scaffolding
Seismic Mounts use high performance coil springs that make them effective at damping wide range of frequencies. The internal stoppers are strong enough to support structures during earthquake and strong winds. They can be used in cooling towers, chilling units, building equipment and more.
Neoprene Base Mounts
Neoprene Base Mounts
Ideal for mounting air conditioners on rooftops

• Air Conditioners
• A/C Units
• Motors
These feature a tapped hole in the center of mount and flanged base plate over-molded in neoprene for corrosion resistance. The non-skid surfaces on the top and bottom helps to keep the application in place. With deflection up to 0.5 inch, these are ideal for mounting air conditioners on rooftops. They are available in Neoprene (-40°F to +180°F and Durulene (-65°F o +250°F) with loads up to 1100 lbs.
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