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NEW AAC Foot Mounts

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Machine Leveling Foot Mounts make up the all new product line from AAC. These durable industrial quality Leveling Mounts can be used in light, medium and heavy weight Industrial Machinery. Large variety of styles and materials are available which include Polyamide, Steel, Stainless Steel, Stamped Base, Teknoclean and low costing Miniature type. More information about each category is given below. You can also visit each Foot Mounts section to get more inforamtion about the specific type of mount you're interested in. Or request your free V120 Foot Mounts Catalog by clicking the link below:

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Teknoclean Leveling Mounts

Teknoclean Foot Mounts

USDA/3-A approved leveling Foot Mounts - stainless steel construction with a sealed nut and joint make these the perfect choice for hygiene critical applications in the medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Leveling Mounts Stainless Steel Base

Stainless Steel Foot Mounts

All stainless steel construction makes these the right choice for any corrosive or damp environment. For applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

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Plastic Base Leveling Mounts

Plastic Foot Mounts

Sturdy fiberglass reinforced polyamide foot is available in two styles: plain or with a nonslip rubber base pad. Supplied with a stainless steel or galvanized steel screw fixed or 30° articulation.

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Steel Base Leveling Mounts

Steel Foot Mounts

The painted or galvanized steel foot mounts provide limited corrosion and chemical resistance. Available with a nonslip rubber base pad and a 10° or 30° articulating steel screw.

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Stamped Base Foot Mounts

Available in a variety of materials, these leveling mounts are supplied with mounting holes and an 8° articulating screw.

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Miniature Leveling Mounts

Miniature Foot Mounts

Providing limited chemical resistance these leveling foot mounts come in plastic or rubber with a stainless steel or steel articulating screw and are able to handle light loads at a low cost.

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