4-4 www.vibrationmounts.com  Phone:  516.328.3662  Fax:  516.328.3365 General Characteristics and Uses Cable Isolators In Section 5, starting on page 5-23, we offer a large selection of cable isolators. These assemblies are made of aircraft-quality, stranded, stainless steel cable, helically wound into metal retaining bars suitable for surface mounting.  Shock and vibration are damped as the result of friction between strands of cable under load (“flexture hysteresis”).  Their superior characteristics include their ability to provide protection in compression, extension, shear and roll in all axes simultaneously. All stainless steel and aluminum construction gives these units an excellent ability to resist corrosion and leads to extremely long maintenance-free life. Below are some of the applications where the cable isolators can be superior to any other type of vibration mounts. Application Types of Equipment Protected Sources of Vibration and Shock Other Environmental Hazards Critical Specifications (Limitations) Needed Isolator Characteristics Other Requirements Shipboard Electronics Navigation Displays, Radar Communication, Sonar Nearby Blast, Ship’s Inherent Vibration, Heavy Weather Salt Water, Temperature Extremes MIL-S-901D MIL-STD-167 Life of Installed Equipment, Corrosion Resistance, Maintenance-Free Compliant in All Directions Over-the- Road Vehicles Instrumentation, Generators, Electronics Irregular Terrain Poor Road Condition, Collision Temperature Extremes, Ozone, Radioactivity, UV Radiation Munson Rough Road Course, 10 g’s Repeated Shock Altitude Variations, Exposure to Moisture Long Fatigue Life, Large Displacement Minimum Space, Maintenance-Free for Inaccessible Locations Shipping Containers Jet Engines, Missiles, Gyroscopes, Electronics Transit, Handling Drop, Loading / Unloading Accidental Drop Excellent Shock Mitigation Indefinite Shelf Life, Repeated Use Geophysical Equipment Data Acquisition, Data Processing Electronics Off-the-Road Vehicles, Transit Ship (Un)loading Misaligned Installation, Rough Use Severe Road Shock, Careless Handling Maintenance-Free, No Replacement Repeated Large Deflections Due to Load Shock Chemical Processing Equipment Centrifuge, Dryers, Pumps Unbalanced Dynamic Loads, Fluid Hammer Corrosive Environments, Chlorine, Sulfur High Temperature, Corrosive Environments Low Frequency Reponse Maintenance-Free for Inaccessible Locations Avionics ECM, Communications, Reconnaissance Rapid Maneuvering, Hard Landings, Turbulent Air Temperature and Altitude Extremes 15-g 11ms Hard Landing MIL-STD-810 Long Fatigue Life, No Aging Deterioration, Lightweight Low Profile, Dynamic Response Does Not Change with Temperature or Altitude Ordnance Equipment Missile Launcher, Tank Artillery, Computer Controls, Electronics Off-Road Vehicles, Railroad Humping Nearby Blast Munson Rough Road Course, Railroad Humping Excellent Shock Mitigation, Maintenance-Free Use at Any Altitude Medical Equipment Mechanical Equipment Critical to Patient Care Moving Parts, Moving Carts Minimal Vibration Easy to Maintain, No Outgassing Can Be Sterilized