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Silicone Thermal Gel Silicone Gel Pads and Mounts
Alpha Gel Sheets
Silicone Thermal Gel
This very soft sheet-type silicone alpha gel is a good electrical insulator and flame-retardant. Small sheet sizes allow for easy installation on CPU's and other electrical devices.

Computer internal components (CPU, motherboards, etc.), power transistors, power supply equipment, electric parts, semiconductors that produce heat.

Geltec Alpha Tube Gel
Silicone Thermal Gel
Soft paste-type alpha gel with heat-conducting properties. The syringe makes for easy and controlled application of the gel on things like motherboard chips and semiconductors.

Gaps around heat sources such as high-performance semiconductors and lead lines of heat sources such as IC's.

Alpha Gel Pads
Silicone Gel Pads
Silicone alpha gel encapsulated in these pads allows for vibration to settle quickly. This makes for a very effective vibration damping pad. It performs great in any number of conditions due to its excellent resistance against cold, heat, chemicals and electricity.

Refrigerators, air conditioners, cell phones, fluorescent lamps, digital cameras.

Alpha Gel Silicone Mounts
Silicone Gel Mounts
These silicone vibration mounts are great at damping low frequency vibrations and effective in reducing noise. They are to be used in compression only for small to intermediate load applications. They come in inch or metric thread sizes.

Compressors, pumps, digital projectors & cameras